Entitled Solutions Partners With Everest Fleet To Drive Inclusivity & Empower Gig Workers

This collaboration aims to establish a symbiotic ecosystem, granting gig workers access to cost-effective and adaptable financial services, healthcare and assistance with enrollment for relevant government schemes


Entitled Solutions has announced its strategic partnership with Everest Fleet, Indian fleet management provider with a fleet of approximately 13,000 cars and over 11,000 daily active drivers on its platform. The partnership aims to create a mutually advantageous ecosystem where gig workers associated with Everest Fleet gain access to a wide range of benefits, including affordable loans linked to workers’ association with Everest Fleet, embedded daily pay comprehensive health coverage programme, primary health services and support with enrollment in eligible government schemes.

It aims to empower Everest Fleet’s driver partners, allowing them to lead better lives and enhancing workforce retention and productivity. 

Anshul Khurana, Co-founder of Entitled Solutions, said, "Our partnership with Everest Fleet signifies our dedication to empowering gig workers and dismantling the various barriers to financial inclusion. We are excited to embark on this journey toward creating a more equitable and inclusive workforce."

“Everest Fleet is proud to join forces with Entitled Solutions in our shared mission to enhance the lives of gig workers. This partnership enables us to provide our driver partners with essential benefits that will not only improve their quality of life but also strengthen our workforce," said Siddharth Ladsariya, Founder and CEO of Everest Fleet. 

This partnership is in line with Entitled Solutions' ambitious goal of opening up access to formal financial and health services for approximately 2 million workers by next year. The collaboration with Everest Fleet is a significant step toward achieving this milestone.

Everest Fleet is a Ifleet management company with a substantial presence in the gig economy. It aggregates driver partners and facilitates their participation in ride-hailing and corporate mobility services, creating sustainable earning opportunities for gig workers.

Anshul Khanna explained that Everest Fleet's involvement in enabling these services is minimal, as a simple API integration for data exchange suffices. Entitled has made it exceptionally easy for workers to access services and receive support through its multi-lingual WhatsApp bot. Everything from understanding the available services to accessing them end-to-end and receiving post-service support can be effortlessly done via WhatsApp. Everest Fleet's long-term sustainability and scalability hinge on driver recruitment and retention. The services enabled by Entitled Solutions are poised to build an ecosystem where Everest Fleet driver partners can not only earn but also enjoy access to essential benefits, setting Everest Fleet apart and improving overall workforce metrics on its platform.”

Previous associations with Entitled have seen impressive results, including up to a 56 per cent improvement in workforce retention, a significant boost in productivity, and a 100 per cent increase in workforce engagement.

This partnership heralds a significant step toward addressing the unique challenges faced by gig workers, especially in the male-dominated transportation industry. 


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