Elon Musk takes the 'high' road

Elon Musk promotes employees to top management after the company recovers from the series of resignation.


Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla, recently promoted a bunch of executives after a series of resignations in the company. It is said that these promotions were decided prior to the resignations of two top management employees and even before the negative market reaction to his marijuana-sampling podcast with Joe Rogan, American stand-up comedian and Podcast host. 

The development showed that a few days before his live stream podcast with Joe Rogan, one of his top executives resigned followed by another executive immediately after, which resulted in a 6% fall in the company stocks. 

Soon after this chaotic ups and downs at Tesla, Musk promoted quite a few employees that included Jérôme Guillen who was promoted as the president of automotive. Guillen, a former Daimler Freightliner executive, will oversee all automotive operations and program management, as well as coordinate Tesla’s supply chain.

Guillen previously headed up Tesla’s truck program and worldwide sales and service. Felicia Mayo, who was senior HR director and head of Tesla’s diversity and inclusion program, has been promoted to vice president level and will report to both Kassekert and Musk. There were a few more updations around the workforce at Tesla. 

These promotions have made a notable impact on the company as well as to those who left. 

Musk has always been a raging topic of discussion for his outrageous ideas in the tech world. In February, his aerospace company, SpaceX, launched its most powerful rocket yet, the Falcon Heavy. Always one for panache, Musk loaded the rocket with a Tesla Roadster blasting David Bowie’s Space Oddity — but believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as reported by Digital Trends.

Most recently, during a live stream podcast with Joe Rogan, Musk shared his views on Artificial Intelligence and how it could create both positive and disastrous impacts around the world. He also talked about the fuss that social media creates which directly affects the image of the organizations and creates a negative impact on the employees as well.

While in conversation with Joe about the effects of social media, Musk said" “Particularly on Instagram, people look like they have a much better life than they really do." All of his problems backfired on social media after his latest web engagement. 

Musk has always been very interactive with its audience via his podcasts and seminars but there was something unusual during his latest web appearance. The duo smoked a blunt and pondered the flat-Earth movement, the future of AI, “inventing shit” and several other of the eccentric billionaire’s favorite topics. 

Social media took this live-stream to another level of 'content' with hilarious memes and comic edits which seemed like a spoon-fed strategy to establish his views. Musk shared that this quarter would be the most successful phase for the company.

Tech Crunch reported Tesla produced 53,339 vehicles in the second quarter. If Tesla does build and deliver more than “twice” as many cars as it did last quarter, that means the company would hit something like 107,000 vehicles.

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