Education And Event Sector Pre-budget Expectations

People anticipates major attention and new policies for employment along with education.



Shobhit Bhatnagar, CEO & Co-Founder, Gradeup

"Our Education sector plays an important role in empowering our youth. The EdTech industry is a key component of our education sector. Therefore, the government should offer tax benefits to EdTech startups in the form of exemptions.  The issue of angel tax has still not been properly resolved. As a result investors are reluctant to invest heavily in promising startups because if they do decide to invest heavily then they end up paying a significant tax on it. Therefore, investors require clarity on this front so they can start to invest freely"

Zishaan Hayath, CEO & Co-Founder, Toppr

"Fundamentally, an overhaul in the education system is required. At the moment, many of our graduates are ill-equipped for the job market. Investing in higher education will be a priority for this budget, particularly since the presiding economic conditions will make potential students hesitant to study further, as they’d prefer to secure jobs instead. Efforts need to be made to help student’s up skill."


Mr. Atul Todi, CEO & Co-Founder, 10Times

“Budget is the right time to announce policies, and it’s just around the corner. To lay the foundation of the future, and promote ‘Make in India’, the government should recognize the importance of having infrastructure for organizing large scale business exhibitions. The dragon nation boasts of having six of the world’s 20 largest business convention centers. Indian government’s plan of investing Rs100 lakh crore (unveiled recently) on infrastructure should incorporate construction of exhibition centers across India. By holding large scale exhibitions, India will attract foreign investors as well as companies to showcase its true potential in the field of manufacturing. The budget should also provide tax-break to companies for exhibiting their business in foreign countries.”


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