E-learning: Skills You Can Acquire While At Home

E-learning methods help to evaluate skills through quizzing, interactive sessions and resolve queries through webinars.


Learning is about seeking and creating opportunities for both personal and professional development. However, the concept of learning has evolved over the years. Being physically present in a classroom isn’t the only learning option anymore. Now,  it's easy to access a quality education whenever and wherever, as long as we have access to a network. With the advancement in technology and the online world has made learning a lot simpler and convenient.  

Over the years, Internet facilities have become easily accessible and affordable due to which e-learning has gained momentum. According to the KPMG report, In India, the online education industry will grow up to 6 times by 2021. The number of users enrolling in online education will increase up to 9.6 million users by 2021. Therefore, in upcoming years the e-learning market will grow and innumerable people will opt for e-learning methods over traditional methods of learning. E-learning is extremely beneficial and overwhelming for students and professionals than traditional methods of learning. It acts as an additional backup that helps apprentices to retrieve the knowledge, thereby adding more to their existing set of skills. 

Since various institutions and companies have realized the growing trend of online learning, the number of courses and options being offered to the students has also witnessed an upsurge. Students and working professionals can now opt for a variety of online courses offered by varied institutes, which facilitate learning over the internet. It enables them to learn at their own pace and in a comfortable environment. Moreover, learners can adjust their learning according to their preference, unlike regimented class timetable.  

Other factors pushing the growth of e-learning in the country is that people can easily interact online with professionals/ educators through the portal or the platform. They can clear doubts or queries about various subjects like a normal classroom environment without being hesitant. E-learning, other than traditional learning and training methods is affordable as well as it’s a time-effective way to increase knowledge.   

Unlike traditional methods of learning or training, online courses/ studies provide a better understanding for students and educators as it offers one-on-one learning. This modern way of learning helps in creating and communicating new training, concepts, ideas and policies. It’s a very quick way of gaining knowledge, whether it's for formal education or entertainment. 

Many e-learning platforms offer a variety of courses to develop skills, to build up a career and to create meaningful changes in lives. Like critical thinking skills, Effective Communication Skills, Management Skills, Technology, Programming, Language, Gaming, life lessons, Online Training, Practical Skills and other important skills which can be improved without having to leave home.  

E-learning methods help to evaluate skills through quizzing, interactive sessions and resolve queries through webinars. These platforms help students to learn new skills or specific skills that help in career growth, where additional skills are needed to advance.  

There are plenty of courses which let students pursue their hobbies and take it to another level from the comfort of their home, besides their regular education or job.  

For example Courses like graphic designing, digital marketing etc are being preferred by those who have a creative inclination of mind especially when it comes to expressing ideas through designing and strategizing.  

Working professionals can opt for Online MBA Programs offered by various prestigious institutes or can learn data analysis which can help them make more informed business decisions through analyzing transaction data and other forms of data that otherwise couldn't be tracked by conventional business intelligence programs. There are many online business schools that offer Business Analytics Courses,  Big Data to acquire knowledge about creating, testing and analyzing data. 

People can also build up their gaming skills through online gaming websites or can learn through online training and courses offered by some prestigious gaming institutes. It is also interesting to notice how life skills can be acquired from games like poker. It often requires practice to gain more knowledge. For a poker game, maintaining a sense of balance and control over emotions is important, it encourages the mind to make smarter choices and improves decision-making abilities. 

Poker training helps people to think- to be rational, disciplined and self-aware. The strategies and techniques used in this game are equally valuable in day to day activities. Life skills like mathematical, analytical, psychological, and many more which help people in their personal and professional lives. It improves concentration levels. Playing poker improves memory however it helps in enhancing observation skills like observing people and their behaviour in an effective manner. It helps to improve self-knowledge and skills which will grow with experience. 

E-learning platforms help to interact with professionals, providing an opportunity to consult and learn with the best. People can learn to focus on important subjects in life. Today there are multiple online platforms to learn unconventional skills which are beneficial for the development of an individual and the trend is expected to grow further.  

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