E-learning: How The Pandemic Has Transformed The Professional Learning Landscape

The pandemic's widespread impact has forced businesses to review their strategies.


The Coronavirus has turned the world upside down and made a big difference in the way corporates do business. Relatively new terms like remote working, digital workspace, and contactless practices are the new norm. Even as the pandemic continues to impact business operations and productivity, business leaders and experts anticipate a significant shift in recruitment policies and workplace trends. 

The pandemic's widespread impact has forced businesses to review their strategies, and in some cases, businesses are even considering a complete overhaul. Besides, corporates may have to adopt business altering strategies to stay relevant. The push for business optimization has resulted in increased performance pressure on the working professionals, but due to cost restructuring, they are also expected to handle multiple roles. With an increased focus on embracing digital technologies, move towards digitization and automation, the core skills required to perform existing jobs may soon be reviewed.  

Preparing for the long-haul 

These changes are bound to impact the existing workforce and create a long-lasting impact on the career prospects of those looking to join the workforce in the coming years. Today, businesses are looking for professional skillset and work specialization, in addition to university degrees, which alone will not be sufficient to secure a job. Besides, those already part of the workforce will need to add relevant specialization and learn new skills to grow in an existing profile or seek new employment and retain their value in the knowledge economy. 

With the current job environment, it has become imperative for professionals to bring themselves up to pace with developments in the outside world to keep their respective jobs secure and minimize the risk in such turbulent times. There is already a significant rise in people taking job-relevant online courses. This trend is expected to move upwards over time as more professionals look around for options to upgrade their skills and prepare themselves for the challenges ahead.   

Using the time to your advantage  

With work-from-home becoming the new normal, executives today are increasingly leaning towards e-Learning options since most live online courses provide an opportunity to have similar learning outcomes as classroom programs.  e-Learning allows users to set their own goals and priorities and provides for a more personalized learning experience. Advancements in technology have brought the classrooms to every room, and in these tough times, professionals increasingly recognize the benefits of digital learning.  

Today, Executives can undergo these eLearning programs from their Laptops or Desktops at home or office and can utilize idle time to upskill and upgrade themselves for the new normal. Working professionals have the flexibility to determine when, how, or what they want to learn - improving their skills and helping them stay ahead in their respective domains. While remotely working from home, many employees have already understood the importance, and that's reflected in the growing demand for specialized courses in Leadership, Business Management, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Business Analytics, and Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Besides, e-Learning provides for a unique opportunity to enroll for premium online certification programs from leading institutes such as IIMs and IITs and international universities - adding considerable value and credibility to one's professional growth. Making the right choice of an online course not only holds the key to aid career prospects but also helps both young and experienced professionals stay ahead of their peers in the future. 

Over the years, e-Learning has seen a continued surge in interest and adoption. Still, the way the pandemic has unfolded has provided a fresh impetus, highlighting the need for a robust e-Learning ecosystem. As professionals prepare for the new era at their workplaces and recruiters set their eyes on hiring the best talents, e-Learning can aid a professional's pursuit towards building a successful career. Besides, both as the government and the businesses look to ease out the economic stress, a small step towards upskilling or reskilling can help you secure relevant job, not only just be a part of the talented workforce but also grow, and effectively contribute to the nation's growth. 

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