Digital Marketing Skills: A Preferred Career Choice Among Marketing Professionals In India

As more and more companies have turned to digital for generating sales, the demand of digital marketing professionals has been at an all-time high.


One of the positive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic led year is the digital transformation across all the business verticals. The digital marketing industry has swiftly grown to become a primary medium in no time. Over the last decade, marketing has evolved on a faster pace right from print to digital medium and this evolution will only uprise in the future. With adoption of digitization across all sectors, digital marketing has emerged as one of the leading employment generating fields resulting in 65% students opting for marketing courses online.

As more and more companies have turned to digital for generating sales, the demand of digital marketing professionals has been at an all-time high. If you are thinking of switching or getting into digital marketing as a career choice, here are a few skills that you need to focus on:

Research Experience: An important skill is the ability to perform different types of research may it be qualitative or quantitative. A strong market research has the ability to improve your social media content, strengthen your calls to action and eventually improve conversion rates for your business. For e.g., knowing what your audience likes and dislikes on social media channels can help the business identify audience trends and consumer relevance. Research and digital marketing complement each other which is a primary catalyst to adopt the best way to analyse, interpret the collected data which consequently helps create a bespoke communication strategy which can almost preempt a consumer reaction.

SEO skills: One of the most popular and effective marketing tools is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A skilled marketing professional needs to know the tips and tricks to gain effective SEO results and to stay ahead in a competitive market. When websites rank high in the search engine, you automatically experience an inflow of more clicks from the users making your website prominently visible aiding opportunities to showcase your product and service with the intended messaging.

Content writing: In today’s time, having a well written piece of content with focused messaging and clear narrative is imperative for every digital marketer. Good content writing is useful for search engine optimization as it contributes in ranking the website higher. Crafting relevant content and posting it on your website is the best way to reach your potential customers. A good piece of content is when the write-up covers all the key messaging in an engaging way with an end goal of prompting a purchasing action from the client.

Social media marketing: Having strong social media marketing skills will easily spread the word about your products and message of your brand. There is more to social media than just regularly posting on it. A social media presence gives you a plus point of engaging with your audience directly and uplifts your brand identity and service. Using social media and linking it to your website will boost your website traffic.

Network as much as you can: Networking is one of the strongest skills to sustain in the business world and a strongest skill that can make or break your career. In today’s interconnected world, it has become crucial to maintain a strong network of contacts for you and your business.

When you interact with multiple people from different backgrounds, it can lead to new business ideas, insights, and so much more. No matter what field you are in, networking would lead you to career opportunities during hard times or provide you with resources when you face a challenge.

Digital marketing is all about grasping skills and using them effectively. Being dynamic in nature, digital marketing offers different career options, as a fresher, you can join the industry as a Digital Marketing Executive or a SEO Executive, SMM Executive, SEM Executive and so on. One can jump into the field after any graduation course. A verified certification is more likely to get bonus points over others.

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