Data Science Provides Highest Pay Scale, Followed By Big Data and Data Security, Reveals Report

App security professionals in mid-level and senior-level roles get an average salary of 7.28 LPA and 15.49 LPA respectively.


In recent years, India’s technology sector has witnessed multi-fold growth, standing out as a bright spot in the otherwise sluggish global economy hit hard by recent events like the pandemic, the Ukraine invasion, and climate crises around the world. Estimated by NASSCOM to grow by 8.4% in FY2023 to $245 billion, India’s tech sector is well-poised to buck up the global market and set high standards of salaries: welcome news at a time when modern technologies are sweeping the world.

In this era of accelerated tech adoption, there is a deep need for skilled tech talent in diverse realms. Considering the fiercely competitive landscape of the tech job market, Instahyre - a one-of-a-kind AI-driven HRTech platform - has unveiled its ITeS tech talent report with actionable insights to help recruiters create practical hiring strategies based on the most in-demand and highest-paying skills.

With highly expedited tech adoption, ITeS companies are deluged with data. As a result, in Data Science, Machine Learning and R are lucrative upskilling options for ITeS talent. According to the Instahyre report, freshers skilled in Machine Learning technology start off their career at the highest average salary of 5.97 LPA, while the highest average salary for leadership positions is 25.19 LPA and 12.05 LPA for mid-level talent fluent in R - which makes total sense in today’s data-driven world.

Talking about the industry scenario, Sarbojit Mallick, Co-founder of Instahyre said, “The industry is in extensive need of talented data scientists. Recruiters are on a constant hunt for tech talent who can analyze different data sets, distill critical insights, and give a more strategic view into the data gathered from different channels. This generates a robust need for talented data science professionals to unlock new opportunities in the market with better compensation.”

The demand for Big Data analysis professionals is seeing an all-time high. Though it is not new in the market, jobs in Big Data have begun to be much more in demand, with most companies transitioning towards digital transformations. The Instahyre report unveils that Big Data freshers skilled in data analysis get the highest average salary package of 5.55 LPA, manager-level roles command average salaries of 17.42 LPA, while those in leadership positions attract an average salary of 24.29 LPA.

“With an exponential boom in data collection and digital assets, the need to adopt robust data security mechanisms is also becoming more significant than ever. Against this backdrop, data security is creating more jobs to tackle sophisticated cyber-attacks and data breaches. As a result, info security, security testing, cyber security, and app security have become some of the most in-demand jobs to be filled, especially for technology- and data-dependent businesses in India’s huge ITeS sector,” he added.

Additionally, tech talent in data warehousing and data collection jobs are attracting an average salary package lower than other roles in Big Data (among Big Data skills), signifying that the recent layoffs and downturn of VC funding in the tech industry has also affected tech talent salaries negatively.

The Instahyre report unveils that freshers who start off their career in app security are paid average salary packages of 5.84 LPA, higher than cyber security and security testing. On the other hand, app security professionals at mid-level and senior-level roles get an average salary of 7.28 LPA and 15.49 LPA respectively, whereas cyber security leaders are entitled to a higher average salary of 23.27 LPA.

Given the robust need to build a strong tech-driven workforce to achieve the projected growth, ITeS companies are slowly resuming offering competitive salary packages to onboard the best-in-industry talent. Their recruiters and TA teams need to pinpoint data about talent’s salary, location, diversity, and popularity to shape their hiring strategies for long-term workforce productivity and high performance.

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