DISCO's Innovative And Inclusive Culture Drives Collaboration And Sparks Innovation

The company prioritises candidates with a growth mindset and a passion for positive impact, and believe in promoting from within


DISCO is a legal tech company that provides cloud-based e-discovery and document review services to law firms and legal departments using AI and cloud technology. It was founded by Kiwi Camara in 2012 and has expanded to cover the entire litigation process. DISCO went public in 2021 and has raised over $233.6 million through seven rounds of funding. It operates in three locations and has a workforce of over 600 employees.

Below are excerpts of an interview with Jignasha Amin Grooms, Executive Vice President, CHRO at DISCO:

1. What are DISCO's candidate criteria and company culture? How does DISCO uphold its culture globally, and what growth prospects are open to employees?

DISCO fosters an inclusive, collaborative culture that values innovation, investing in employee development through training, mentorship, and leadership programs. The company prioritises candidates with a growth mindset and a passion for positive impact, and believe in promoting from within. Employees are encouraged to take risks and challenge the status quo to achieve common goals, while being their authentic selves. DISCO upholds this culture globally, with open growth prospects for those who demonstrate potential and initiative through leadership and mentorship opportunities.

2. Why did DISCO open an office in India, and how will it contribute to the company's growth?

DISCO opened an office in India to access exceptional talent and growth potential, valuing diversity in all forms with a 40% diverse senior leadership team. India is a critical part of DISCO's global workforce strategy, providing high-quality work. The Delhi location has a talent pool of subject matter experts and e-discovery talent. DISCO believes that diversity of thought, innovation, and talent are crucial to its growth, with tremendous potential in the Indian market.

3. What is the role of diversity in DISCO's success? How many women are employed at DISCO, and what is the company culture like for them?

DISCO uses the Mercer benchmark for gender diversity in the tech field and consistently performs at or above the benchmark across all levels. The company's hiring process is based on strict qualifications, with a focus on hiring the best candidates regardless of gender, race, or any other demographic factor. In the next hiring class, 65 per cent of the incoming cohort are female. DISCO's senior leadership team is diverse, with two women in leadership positions, including the CHRO and SVP of professional services. The company values diversity in all forms and creates an inclusive environment where employees can bring their authentic selves to work.

DISCO values diversity in thought, work style, experience, and gender, which is crucial to our growth and drives innovation. Our senior leadership team is almost 40 per cent visibly diverse, and we aim to achieve diversity in all forms. Our India location is a critical part of our global workforce strategy and not just a back-office or offshore strategy. Our employees in India deliver the same high-quality work and value as our employees in Canada or the US.

4. How does DISCO's mission align with the Indian market, and what is the talent acquisition strategy for India expansion? Will DISCO recruit from specific colleges/universities for the India office?

DISCO's mission combines a deep respect for the law and its role in society.With a large number of lawyers in India, the company sees it as essential for talent to share this vision. DISCO's talent acquisition strategy for India expansion is to hire employees who believe in the company's mission to help lawyers practice law better and want to be a part of a company that is making a positive impact in the legal industry. The company is hiring for software engineers, product managers, quality assurance analysts, and HR roles to support its products and services for its global customer base. University recruiting will begin in August, while DISCO focuses on hiring experienced leaders to anchor its India office.

5. How does DISCO differentiate itself from other tech firms in this law industry, how you're attracting talent, and how you differentiate from others?

We're the biggest innovator in legal tech, with intuitive, secure technology that speeds up litigation. Our unique review services set us apart, and we're always improving. Cecilia, our natural language search tool, is the latest innovation that simplifies searching case data. Joining DISCO means being part of a diverse team committed to improving the practice of law through initiatives like DISCO Cares and DISCO for Schools. Our mission sets us apart, and we're always looking for dedicated team members who want to make a positive impact. Join DISCO and be part of a history of changing the legal tech category.

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