Corporate Wellness Startup mHealth Launches Holistic Health & Wellness Program For CXOs

The Delhi-based startup aims to help the entire C-suite community with a holistic wellness platform that provides positive health interventions which can improve the health outcomes and quality of life of the CXOs.


mHealth, community-based wellness platform promoting holistic well-being at corporates using power of community & reward for healthy behavior has recently announced the launch of a one-of-a-kind holistic wellness community specially built for the C-suite. The CXO - Wellness Circle currently has more than 1000 corporate leaders from various organizations and aims to welcome more members from the CXO community.

Being present at the highest point on the hierarchical pyramid, the CXO community finds itself vulnerable to stress, burnout and chronic health conditions. Despite nurturing a culture of well-being in the workplace, company leaders oftentimes fail to embrace their own health and well-being. A seat in the C-suite often comes at the cost of health and wellness. With an aim to remedy this detrimental bargain, mHealth has undertaken the initiative to build a community for the betterment of CXO’s health.

The 1000-CXOs strong wellness community has onboarded CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and Tech Leaders currently but aims to enroll CXOs from different corporate ranks. The CXO Wellness community is free of any charges and offers a slew of value-added health initiatives for CXOs. Within the community, mHealth organizes Team Stepathon, health quizzes, transformation challenges, detoxification drives, health checkup camps and care programs among other initiatives to maintain consistency for the CXOs. The data is collected and collated on the dedicated platform for CXOs to see and derive motivation from. 

Delighted with the success of the initiative, Rajesh Munjal, CEO & Co-founder of mHealth commented, “There is no denying that CXOs are superheroes in disguise. Despite being emissaries of workplace wellbeing, they tend to overlook their own health and wellness. An individual’s journey to wellness can oftentimes be challenging and isolating. We founded this community on the belief that when “I” is replaced with “We”, even Illness can become Wellness. It has been a great success to complete 100 days and there have been many positive stories created, but this is just the beginning.

mHealth has collaborated with corporate leaders running the show for companies like Paytm, Swiggy, PWC, OLA, Medanta, RJ Corp, ReNew, Quikr among others. The corporate wellness startup curates tasks for fitness, daily nutrition and diet, emotional wellbeing and chronic care. By strengthening the community’s physical, mental and emotional health, mHealth seeks to offer holistic wellness solutions to the CXOs & their families. The community is also spearheaded by a five-member advisory team from top executives of companies such as RJ Corp, Medanta, and Max Hospitals that strives to improve the CXO community.

Founded at the peak of the global pandemic in June 2020, mHealth community based wellness platform for corporates, The CXO Wellness community has established a strong foothold in Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai and aims to revolutionize CXO wellness in Pune and Chennai, Hyderabad among others. In addition, mHealth has celibates CXO - Wellness Days which witnessed a large attendance.

Talking about the initiative, Ms Neetika Patel, Vice President at Wells Fargo, said “It's a great initiative by mHealth as it will enable us to improve our quality of life and well-being while juggling the demands of family and career. All this can be achieved on one single platform with features like Team challenges, Health quiz, Diet consultation, and Leaderboard. I am thrilled to be a part of the launch of such a platform. It really is a wonderful chance for everyone to become healthy and be inspired to be healthy

“Generally we remain so busy that we struggle to find some time to check our health. Exercising, eating healthy and taking required breaks, all these ends up becoming our plans only. Thankful to mHealth that they are coming up with such a great motive & becoming a solution for people like us,  Mr. Joybrata Mitra, Associate Director at PwC India expressed.

Mr. Venkatesh Babu S, President & Head - IT at Cafe Coffee Day stated “As we juggle career responsibilities and live a workaholic lifestyle, mHealth's community will enrich our lives and help us maintain our mental health. Excited for the launch of such a platform & to be a part of it. Really a great opportunity for everyone to become someone’s motivation.”

mHealth is one of the fastest growing corporate wellness platforms promoting holistic well-being & simplifying the health check-ups with personalized care programs, using the power of community & reward for healthy behaviour. Using AI powered mHealth platform, employees are engaged throughout the year and have access to customized wellness calendars, allowing them to choose the wellness program they want to participate in and achieve their health goals.

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