Contentstack Announces Initiative To Empower Women In Tech Roles

The six-month EmpowerHER in Tech programme is aimed at empowering over 100 talented young women with upskilling and mentorship for careers as software engineers


The landmark EmpowerHER in Tech programme was inaugurated in the Contentstack’s office, marking a significant step towards bridging the gender gap in the technology sector. This initiative, sponsored by Contentstack and delivered by Edba Academy, marks the launch of a six-month programme aimed at empowering over 100 talented young women with upskilling and mentorship for careers as software engineers.

Edba Academy, having operated in the Vasai-Virar region for over 18 months, has gained deep insights into the challenges and aspirations of local engineering students. The academy conducted a comprehensive survey with female engineering students, identifying several critical barriers in seeking a career within the tech industry. This research played a critical role in shaping the EmpowerHER in Tech programme.

Contentstack, a fervent supporter of gender equality in technology, has been instrumental in bringing the EmpowerHER in Tech programme to life. Neha Sampat, CEO of Contentstack, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “By understanding the unique challenges these young women face, we have tailored a program that not only educates but also empowers them to seek and excel in a career in the tech industry.”  She strongly believes in the positive impact of diversity, especially the inclusion of more women, on the tech industry.

Vasu Kothamasu, General Manager and the Leader of Engineering at Contentstack , added, “This program is not just about education; it’s about transformation. We are committed to nurturing these talented young women to become leaders who will shape the future of technology.” Vasu, the guiding force behind the program, emphasized the importance of personalized support, “Our approach is not only to educate but to mentor. We believe in creating a supportive environment where every participant can thrive and achieve her full potential.”

Kshitija Katare, General Manager at Edba Academy, noted, “In our daily interactions with students, we acknowledge their challenges at a grassroots level. We are dedicated to providing empathetic and non-judgmental guidance. Our goal is to offer hope, access, and impart learning that is at par with global standards.”

The event concluded with an Oath of Commitment, taken by all participants, symbolising their dedication to continuous professional development and their role in advancing the Indian economy and society. 

EmpowerHER in Tech seeks to be a movement for inclusive growth by empowering a new generation of women leaders in technology, and creating a ripple effect that inspires and sets a precedent for others in the Indian IT sector.


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