Companies Must Maintain Balanced Team Of Fresh Graduates, Experienced Professionals: Yogita Tulsiani

"I am aiming at the gap in talent market in India, I want to give back to India by helping Indian Big Tech Organisation to get the relevant talented and skilled people for their companies", said Yogita Tulsiani, Director and Co-founder, iXceed Solutions.


What is your mission for the organization as a leader at  iXceed Solutions ?

Our mission is to connect the world. We do our major delivery in India. I felt that there is a huge potential and talent market based in India. We just want to be the organization that can help people to identify their right potential and can achieve the same status in job market.

We are trying to make scalable ecosystem with global organizations. We want to create valuable relationships for clients and candidates by providing innovative talent solutions.

What is your business approach in this process? How do you manage your profit bar?

The key approach is customer-centricity and employee friendliness to achieve growth. Our clients are all based out of Europe while the delivery team is based out of India. Thus we are able to pass on cost benefits to our clients. We have the pre decided margin amount coming in from our clients as our profit. We are able to provide excellent service to our clients and candidates, thus ensuring they are partners on our growth journey. We rely on our customer's good feedback and referrals for getting more growth. We also have a sales team based out of Europe to ensure smooth functioning of the sales engine.

I will never forget this incident that has touched my heart…

Recently I was interviewing a candidate for a potential role with us. This person wanted rejoin after working with 2 other organizations after they left us. Upon asking the reason to rejoin, the candidate mentioned that the kind of exposure to global clients that we give, the opportunity to work on variety of roles was one of the few drivers. But the most important thing was the accessibility and the connection that the leadership has with the employees who can be at any layer in the hierarchy. It was touching to note that the employees value the open culture and proximity we have with them even after they leave us.

What do you think how accessible are you for your team members?

We have a strong team of 70 people; 55 of them working in India and 15 are working here in UK. The leadership of ixceed is always accessible to its employees, as much as possible; we have an open-door policy for our employees. People working here in ixceed irrespective of the designation can approach the leaders without hesitation. We encourage the learning environment here.

The vicious cycle of fresh graduates, where they aspire for the jobs but the companies usually demand minimum experience of 2-3 years. How do you look at this aspect?

It is important to have a balanced team of fresh graduates and experienced professionals. I personally think that companies must give it a thought and a discussion for considering this phenomenon. We are highly into using AI or finding relevant talent for job market. We ourselves believe in giving opportunities to young people since they come with a whole new perspective and view the world with a fresh pair of eyes with a different lens.

We have hold professional training programs for fresh graduates who are to offer them a space for learning basics of being in a professional era.  We think that it is important  to have some basic mindset and skills before entering the world of professionalism.

What are the major challenges do you face in this particular recruiting field and managing it across the globe?

Operations are a major challenge. Managing global delivery and operations is a challenge. My delivery center is India which fulfills the requirements of European clients. So managing different geographies in different time zones is a challenge.

Tech recruitment is an evolving area and with changing technological landscape it's important to keep update of the latest developments in the technology world.

Using innovative ways ( AI, ML, chatbots ), etc to keep pace with changing recruitment landscape to introduce efficiencies is also important. 

If we look at the facts & figures what has been the outcome? How many candidates have been placed and benefited?

We have very aggressive targets and have grown our revenue by 2 times year over year. The revenue growth has proportional to the candidates placed. Our team size has also doubled. We have added several new clients these 2 years. These clients are spread across various industries.

What is the best thing about working in this area? What is your major goal for 2020?

We are mainly focused in IT firms. NIIT, Infosys and Oracle are our major clients. We are working in cutting edge technology areas. Technology is changing the way businesses are functioning. We are enjoying the happening development and dealing with it. This is the era of technology shaping the business, not the other way round.

Goals for 2020

We have an intense plan for expanding on new geographies – Middle East and US. We have grown to two new service lines, one is digital marketing and other is lead generation. We have added several new clients last year and intend to add many more this year. We are focusing on building a better ecosystem for employees to grow and add value.

What is the process you follow to get in touch with clients and candidates? Does candidate approach you?

 It is the other way round; we have a dedicated sales team working for this. People form sales team pitch in big companies and putting up a proposal. 

As the reach to candidate is concerned, we have paid subscriptions with Indeed, monster and many other portals which offer data of job seekers.


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