Capgemini Hires For India's 5G And Edge Computing Demand

French multinational information technology service is skilling Indian executives to serve the demand of new technology in the country.


5G and edge computing are the new technologies ready to flood the Indian market. To cater for the demand, Capgemini is training and increasing its Indian team. Ashwin Yardi, chief executive of Capgemini in India, said, “In the beginning of the year or last year when we were planning, we had said we would hire 30,000 in India and in 2020 we had hired 25,000. But the reality is the way we are seeing the market dynamic, much more robust growth (is expected) than what was originally planned." 

"From autonomous cloud to cars, increasingly more products and services are becoming embedded with software and that Capgemini has been capitalising on this trend through its 'intelligent industry' offering, which includes work on a cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, edge computing and 5G, which are technology areas that have a big footprint in India for the company," added Yardi. 

Capgemini recently announced a 5G lab in Mumbai towards the same where companies can prototype and test their 5G projects. “5G is one of the key focus areas for Capgemini group globally, and especially with the acquisition of Altran, which has a big footprint in telecom technologies… It (5G lab) is a 1,500 square feet lab with all the 5G testbeds,” Yardi said. 

According to Yardi, While in the last year companies were forced to digitalise and modernise their technology infrastructure after the onset of the pandemic, in the last few months, they are focussing on ramping up their digital capabilities strategically

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