Beauty Industry Unaffected By Slowdown, Need To Focus On Skills: Shahnaz Hussain

"The idea behind the training program was to offer professional beauty training in keeping with international standards"


Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director of the Shahnaz Husain Group talks to BW People about career options available in the beauty industry, skills required to be a professional and employment scenario in turbulent times of rising employment.

What skills do you prepare the professionals for? How many people are looking to up-skill themselves and find employment in the industry?

In the normal professional courses in our Academy, we train students in beauty therapy, massage, hair styling, hair cutting, make-up, spa treatments, and all salon services. We also provide advanced training in Hairstyling and Make-up. Apart from these, short-term courses are available in Yoga, Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments, Nail Art, Personal Grooming, Specialized Shahnaz Facials, etc. Over the last four decades, we have trained thousands of students. 

As the future of work changes, will skills take precedence over credentials?

Skills will help to add adjust to changing trends in the beauty industry and also add to credentials. In some areas, they may even take precedence. 

What scope of employment does the beauty industry have for professionals? What can be the projected requirement for professionals?

Our beauty training courses open up several career opportunities as Beauty / Spa Therapists, Masseurs, Hairstylists, Make-up Artists, and Beauty Advisors. Freelance make-up artists and hairstylists are in demand in fashion, television and film industries. Our diploma & advanced courses include Business / Salon Management and Client Handling to equip students to open their own salons and become entrepreneurs. Today, there are branded salons, salons in 5-star hotels, shopping complexes and malls, which offer careers with good remuneration. The beauty business is booming and there is a corresponding demand for trained beauty professionals.

What has been the idea behind the training programs, and how did you decide on the skills? What has been the outreach of the program? 

The idea behind the training program was to offer professional beauty training in keeping with international standards. We are the pioneers of professional beauty training. Almost four decades ago, only apprenticeship training was available. We have decided on the skills, in keeping with the changing trends and demands in the beauty industry. In fact, we have also included business and salon management for those who want to start their own salons. We have extended the branches of our Academy through a franchise system in India and abroad. 

What are the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for people going through the training programs?

One can be an entrepreneur and start one’s own beauty salon, even at home with less capital investment or, work as Beauty Therapists, Spa Therapists, Masseurs, Hairstylists, Make-up Artists, Manicurist, and Pedicurist and so on. One can also occupy positions such as Salon / Spa Managers, Beauty Advisors, Cosmetic Consultants, Product Consultants, Freelance beauticians or make-up artists, or even a Beauty School Teacher.  Make-up artists and hairstylists are in demand in the fashion industry, television and film industry. Different make-up services are also offered by beauty parlors. Bridal Make-up, for instance, is one of the popular services being offered. Beauty product sales counters are also opening in malls and department stores. These require trained personnel too.

With the current economic slowdown, is it better for professionals to look at attaining these skills as a career option drifting away from mainstream jobs?

The beauty industry is one industry that is not really affected by recessionary trends or economic slowdown. Even during the last recessionary trends, the beauty business was flourishing. Today, in the days of professionalism, it is always better to develop skills and attain further qualifications. 

What are the career options for people in the beauty and product industry? 

The career opportunities are mentioned above too. The following are the career options:

Entrepreneurship – starting one’s own beauty salon

Salon Manager

Health Club / Spa Manager 

Product Consultants in Cosmetic Companies

Beauty Therapists 


Make-up Artists


Hair Colourist

Manicurist / Pedicurist / Nail Art Specialist

Electrolysis specialist

Laser therapist

Spa therapist

Beauty Consultants / Advisors

Freelance Beauticians

Freelance Hairstylists

Freelance make-up artists

Freelance bridal make-up artists

Beauty School Teacher


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