Beanbag Chairs In Offices: Too Casual?

Breaking the stereotype is like the new cool, and this thing has harboured its way to every event of our life. Beanbags in offices are like the new cool with many opting for it to give their employees a sense of relaxation and freedom. It takes them away from the traditional setting of an office to provide them with a place where they can work with a free mind in a casual environment.


A usual office setting consists of rotating chairs and a table in a cubicle where people slog hard to meet the deadlines and to impress their respective bosses. These offices have these boring shades on their walls with inspirational quotes hanging on it. Cut to new-age offices wherein you have got beanbags, not in a cubicle but a room with interesting colour schemes and an interesting setting.

Now, where would you like to work? Former one makes the setting dull but makes it professional, and the latter one makes it cool but gives a casual tinge to professionalism. The second one. Beanbags are now a rage in office spaces, especially in start-ups. It's the representation of a millennial's office. But does it bring a sense of professionalism to our work-ethic?

It does. It is casual but who doesn't like to work in a setting where you can sit around in a group with your colleagues and discuss matters which is impossible in those boring cubicles. Working in an environment with a little sense of casualness gives you the freedom to think better. You can debate freely, and you can easily take suggestions from colleagues on matters. You can come up with various innovative ideas about multiple projects in that laid-back environment which doesn't push you to go about cliché things.

A healthy mindset of your employees will make them more productive. Thus, it is not too casual to have bean bags in your office.

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