BW Businessworld Launches First Edition Of HR Tech Expo And Awards

The day-long summit will see recognition for the brains behind successful HR tech products. The expo will also include an exhibition hall featuring the latest HR technology solutions from leading providers.


BW People presents one of its kind HR technology and services exposition, bringing established HR technology market leaders and startups all under one roof.  

Day-long HR Tech Summit

The HR Tech Expo will bring together industry experts, HR professionals, and technology providers from around the world to share insights, ideas, and best practices for a day-long Summit. Attendees will have access to a variety of sessions covering topics such as HR Tech's role in talent management, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and more.

The event will provide a platform for attendees to discover new HR technologies and solutions, network with peers, and gain valuable knowledge from expert speakers.

Exhibition booths available to showcase products

The HR Tech Expo will include an exhibition hall featuring the latest HR technology solutions from leading HR tech providers. Attendees will be able to explore solutions, engage with exhibitors, and discover new technologies that can help drive their HR strategies forward. 

And if you are wondering why coming on board as an exhibitor or sponsor will help you. Well, creating business opportunities is all about being at the right place at the right time with the right people. And BW Businessworld HR Tech Expo can just prove to be the right platform for you.

  1. Brand exposure and visibility: The event will bring top industry leaders and CHROs under one roof It offers a great chance for sponsors/service providers to showcase their products to the right audience.

  2. Lead generation: The HR Tech Expo will be an excellent platform for sponsors to generate leads and identify potential customers. An industry-leading exhibition- like this allows sponsors to connect with attendees who are interested in their products or services, which can lead to new business opportunities. 

  3. Networking: A room full of 500+ relevant people from the industry can help sponsors to network with industry peers, potential clients, and other exhibitors. This can help sponsors establish valuable business connections and partnerships. 

  4. Market research: Sponsors can take the exhibition as an opportunity to conduct market research by observing attendees' behaviour and feedback. This will help them gain insights into the market trends, preferences, and demands of their target audience.

  5. Brand credibility:  Coming on board as an exhibitor/sponsor can increase a brand's credibility by demonstrating its commitment to the industry and the customers it serves. This can help build trust and loyalty with potential customers and strengthen existing relationships.

Best HR Tech Products and HR Tech Leaders To Be Awarded

The day-long gala event will see recognition for the brains behind successful HR Tech products.

The day-long gala event will witness recognition for the brains behind top HR tech products. The awards will honour remarkable tech products and services and the people that have been instrumental in playing a pivotal role in enabling, supporting and thrusting the effectiveness, management and expansion of Human Resource functions.

Categories for HR Tech Awards 

1. Best Use of Technology in HR

2. Most Innovative Deployment of HR Tech

3. Most Effective Recruitment Strategy Using Technology

4. Best Use of social media in HR

5. Best Employee Engagement Strategies in HR

6. Most Effective Internal Communications Strategy

7. HR Tech Team of the Year

8. Outstanding Contribution to HR through Technology

9. HR Tech Project of the Year

10. HR Technology Service Provider of the Year

11. HR Tech Partners Award

12, Best HR Tech Program

13. Most Innovative Use of Training & Development for OD

 Registrations are now open: 

For more details, visit 

BW People HR Tech Expo

To nominate for awards, Click on the link below

BW People HR Tech Expo | Nominate

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