Amazon's 'Pay To Quit' Programme: Why Employees Are Being Paid To Leave Their Jobs

Workers who resigned were offered up to $5,000 or 4.1 lakh rupees with the goal of retaining dedicated employees who actually wanted to advance their careers within the company


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, known for his unconventional leadership styles, launched an innovative programme at the tech giant in 2014 with the goal of retaining dedicated employees who wanted to advance their careers with the company.

Workers who resigned from the company were offered up to $5,000, or 4.1 lakh rupees. According to a MoneyControl report, they offered the 'Pay to Quit' option in order to retain a committed and motivated workforce. 

Bezos stated in his letter to shareholders that the company annually offers to pay its employees to leave. "The offer began at $2,000 and has now increased to $5,000." 'Please Don't Take This Offer,' the offer also stated. "We want them to stay," said the letter. 

The founder of Amazon, on the other hand, explained his decision to present the temptation, saying, "The idea is to get people to stop and think about what they really want." An employee who stays in a job they dislike is ultimately detrimental to both the company and the individual."

Due to labour shortages caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the tech behemoth was unable to announce the programme last year. The 'Pay to Quit' offer, on the other hand, is only available to Career Choice graduates.  

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