Amazon To Lay Off Workers At Fresh Grocery Stores

40+ Fresh grocery outlets to lay off employees as a cost cutting measure


Amazon's 40+ Fresh grocery outlets in the United States are laying off employees. The company is eliminating the 'zone lead' post, which is a store manager role responsible for monitoring work in each departmental tasks, including employee training.

Amazon appears to be rethinking its operations model and in-store personnel in order to provide more effective services to both consumers and workforce. Amazon announced its decision to close several of its Fresh and Go locations earlier this year. Employees have been offered other positions inside the corporation or a severance payout, according to the Washington Post.

The actual number of staff to be laid off is yet to be announced. According to media estimates, hundreds of people may be affected. In the last year, the corporation has decreased its global staff by approximately 27,000 people.

Amazon has been scrutinizing spending across its businesses in an effort to cut costs. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has commented on the necessity to find an appropriate ‘mass grocery format.’

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