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Imbibing much from her global experiences, Roy is soaked in the innovative work ethos of her organisation


Namrata Roy, a certified coach in Integral Coaching Methodology, has a global exposure in human resources across several industries, having been associated with organisations like Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Excerpts from an interview:

What are the key motivators for you?

The opportunity to lead transformational growth through high-quality teams and innovative solutions attracts and motivates me. I love my work and wake up excited about the small and big opportunities to impact Zenoti’s business success through people and culture.

I'm always excited about market disruptions, social missions and opportunities to create value and be a part of building something big. I do my best work in cultures that are collaborative, inclusive and entrepreneurial. Values are non-negotiable, the willingness of the

organisations to ensure values are always front and center is important and I’m passionate about enabling organisations to live their values.

In what ways is your organisation an enabling workplace?

To begin with, the company believes there is greatness in every single person, and for that greatness to be expressed, they need to feel good. And this overarching philosophy extends inwards to employees and externally to our customers.

Next, we work in an environment that allows us to do meaningful work and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Zenoti is already a unicorn and a market leader in this industry, offering software and solutions that enable the success of our customers in the beauty and wellness industry. I am motivated by the challenges that I get to solve, and the opportunity to be part of a market leader’s growth story.

Lastly, one can only reach their full potential if they focus on their well-being. The culture at Zenoti encourages me to take accountability for my well-being while supporting me through various wellness programmes and resources, as well as progressive policies like generous time-off and flexible work hours.

What is the revenue status and monetisation model of the company and how do you see the role of HR contribute to this in the big picture?

Zenoti employs a SaaS delivery model as part of which we charge recurring subscription fee to our customers in the beauty & wellness industry across enterprise, mid-market and small business segments. The frequency could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. Along with our core platform, we also offer multiple value-based add-ons that customers can purchase as additional top-ups to their core subscription. We also have a professional services group that assists customers with migration, adoption etc, which are charged as one-time service fees. Lastly, we also offer Payment processing capabilities via our integrated

payment solution and charge processing fees as percentage of transaction volumes.

Being the market leader in this space gives us enormous opportunity and elevates the role of the people function. The HR function will need to enable a high-functioning organisation that can execute seamlessly through people, structure, process and culture. Zenoti’s ability to extend successfully into adjacent markets and segments is also dependent on how effectively the people function can create the infrastructure in a new country or facilitate org design and talent development so we retain our top spot in developing product and ensuring amazing customer adoption and experience, globally.

What are the challenges of hybrid work culture that you are grappling with at Zenoti?

As we know, the onset of the pandemic forced the work-from-home experiment at full throttle for many companies. However, Zenoti’s pace of growth and global presence prompted us to embrace and operationalise hybrid quite early and in fact, 2020 was one of our most successful years. That said, we don’t have all the answers and we’re listening keenly to our employees to learn & evolve our approach to how we engage with hybrid work and teams.

Our perspective is that how and from where work gets done will continue to evolve in the future and it’s almost impossible to identify and solve for problems proactively. So, we leverage trust and empowerment as the cornerstones that will enable managers and employees to balance organisational and employee needs and find solutions that solve for individuals, teams and the organisation.

Productivity is always top of mind as we continue to navigate the new or the next normal. Zenoti’s laser focus on the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology (and powered by technology) as a means to align goals and track progress at the company, business unit and individual levels, ensures we deliver on our commitments to our customers,

investors and employees even while embracing a fully hybrid environment.

(This interview appeared in June edition of BW People and responses have been attributed to Namratha Roy, Chief People Officer, Zenoti)

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