All Communications to Transform Digitally: Paul Dupuis, CEO & MD of Randstad India

While addressing the mega gathering in the virtual summit organized by BW Businessworld and BW People, Dupuis emphasized on the evolution and transformation in the segment of HR and organizational leadership.


At the recent ‘HR 40 Under 40’ Summit organized by BW People in association with BW Businessworld, Paul Dupuis, CEO and Managing Director of Randstad India talked about his journey, the future of leadership, and how it’s relevant to HR.

Delivering the keynote speech Paul said, “It’s my privilege to be a part of this very important event and give the keynote address. I have been enjoying and listening to the panel discussions that have been happening. I am very familiar with many of these people. 

Sharing his work experience, Paul said “I have been working across the Asia Pacific region for around 30 years. I left Canada 30 years back and 30 years later here I am - CEO and Managing Director of Randstad India. 

Paul underlined, “When I came to India, often a question I was asked that what is the difference between leading in India compared to leading in other countries, in other markets. What I realized is that in fact there are more similarities than the differences. When we talk about simple principles like transparency, honesty, walking the talk, making a promise, these are the things that are borderless.”

Talking about exceptional-effective leadership, Paul defined two types of leaders – the competent leader and the game-changer leader. “The world is full of competent managers and we need competent managers. A competent manager is one who follows the processes, the SOPs, and does what is expected. They play the game well. The game-changer leader doesn't only play well but they change the game,” Paul stated.

Summarizing the core message of the event, Paul asserted, “The nature of leadership is changing rapidly and the leaders need to evolve accordingly. HRs need to bring the ideas on the table before taking action.” 

Paul laid emphasis on the growing significance of technology. He said, “Digital will become central to all our conversations.”


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