Accenture To Cut 19,000 Jobs Over Next 18 Months

With this announcement, the IT major becomes the latest company to opt for mass layoffs.


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Accenture PLC has announced that it is going to cut 19000 jobs to realign its operations in tandem with revised revenue projections over the next 18 months.

With this development, the IT major becomes the latest company to opt for mass layoffs. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are some of the other big names in the tech industry that have taken tough decisions on this count.

While the company has reportedly specified that the layoffs will happen for non-billable functions, 19000 is still a big number. 

The layoff wave started in 2022 when the companies started moving out of the pandemic. While recession, over-hiring, internal restructuring, and cost control are some of the prime reasons that have led tech companies in making tough decisions, it remains to be seen if these leading technology companies will be able to achieve the resource efficiency they are looking to achieve in the near future. 

With mass layoffs becoming a usual practice to respond to micro and macroeconomic variables, one also wonders if it was always going to be on the cards after the tech industry settled into the post-pandemic world.

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