About 54% of employees plan to quit their job in next one year, says a survey

In next 12 months over half of the employees are looking out for new job positions even after being satisfied from their current jobs according to a survey.


Despite the human resource leaders’ confidence in the talent management processes, majority of employees, about 80%, are looking out for new opportunities, found a survey by New York based human resources consultancy, Mercer.  Over half (54%) of employees say they plan to leave their current role in the next 12 months, even though they are satisfied in their jobs. The numbers are highest in India against the global average.

On the other side, there are employees who are not planning to leave their current roles. These are the employees who say they are less “energized” in terms of bringing their authentic selves to work. However, with this attitude they are less likely to thrive in a collaborative and innovative workplace. 

Also, it is found that business executives view talent scarcity more acutely than human resource professionals, with 78% (of business executives) expecting a significant increase in competition compared to 59% (of HR professionals). 

“In an age where digitization, robotics, and AI are wreaking havoc with traditional business models, it is easy for executives to focus on superior technology as the solution to ensuring the competitiveness of their organizations and to overlook the human element,” said IlyaBonic, president of Mercer’s career business. 

“Growth rests on engaging and empowering today’s workforce in ways that we are just beginning to uncover. It takes employees armed with the right skills and opportunities to develop innovative solutions to advance the business and themselves.”

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