A Robust Code Of Conduct For An Efficient Organisation

Antony J. Alex, Founder & CEO of Rainmaker in his keynote address talked about the significance of the code of conduct at BW People HR Excellence Awards 2023.


Every organisation stands on certain regulations and guidelines that make the internal and external bodies of that organisation work efficiently, and those guidelines are referred to as the Code of Conduct. Antony J. Alex, Founder & CEO, Rainmaker calls the Code of Conduct (CoC) the constitution of a company and also a critical document that tells an employee what to do and what not to do.  

Alex also raised the issue of CoCs, being traditionally, a text-heavy document that does not attract any employees to read it. He also noted down the importance of CoC in employee training as one is heading into a new era of generations grasping the market.  

He further added, “A well-drafted strong CoC helps the leaders in creating frameworks for ethical decision making.” Alex also focuses on HR leaders to comprehend the CoC in a better way as they are the guiding lights in their respective organisations.  

“Employees’ conduct or misconduct can highly impact the brand of one’s organisation”, mentioned, Alex.  

Alex gave instances of many leading companies where the misconduct of an individual fractured the whole organisation, he said, that is why, a leader needs to be cognizant and aware enough of what an organisation they are building and what sort of CoC they would like to see from their employees.  

From Alex’s view, the right tone of CoC is the most prominent thing that determines the success of an organisation.  

Women's sexual harassment, data privacy, social media policy and conflict of interest were some of the major desirable pointers raised by the HRs involved in the address.  

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