A 360-degree Perspective Of Education Sector Amid The Pandemic

The greatest highlight of 2020 was the use of technology.


As we reach the end of 2020 and look back at how education shaped up this year, we must face the elephant in the room. 

The meticulous planning of educators came to naught when the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. Seemingly overnight, everything changed, and nine months later, we’re still figuring out how to proceed in the best possible way. 

Yes, there were daunting challenges and yet - the human spirit took over only to see marvels result. 

The greatest highlight of 2020 was the use of technology. 

Faculty members may have initially struggled to cope but soon realized that “adapting” was essential. Lectures had to be made interesting with the help of audio-visuals, power-points, and videos. What was most heartening was the response from students - who attended lectures in capacity!

On the flip side there is the challenge of the “learning loss” that we know has taken place. What about the students who are struggling with distance/hybrid/in-person learning? What about students with special needs, low-income students, students who lack Internet/device access? Many existing problems have been thrust into a bigger spotlight with an increased sense of urgency to resolve them. 

Even greater was the loss for those students who are inclined towards sports and cultural activities. Not all students can be measured in the same scale. The country has need for sportsmen and artistically oriented students too. Their needs were temporarily immobilized. 

Another highlight was the oxymoronic “Quarantined Bonding” that took place. Although students and faculty members could not reach out to each other personally, yet the channels of communication worked in an overdrive. Resolving students’ queries, helping the economically weaker ones, giving the healing touch to the ones in need - the past few months saw it all. 

The situation of the gone months has still not cleared but as we look towards 2021 - all the educators have certain expectations. We hope that the clouds of the pandemic will lift once and for all and classrooms will again become a beehive of activity. The campus will resonate with liveliness. 

Yes, technology is here to stay. The stereotyped lecture rooms are passé. Teachers have grown in confidence by now. They are as tech savvy as the young students. So yes, online learning will always be an option for institutes and students. 

Cultural fests and Sports Championships will be organized. 

Internships - which had been suspended - will be back in place.

Libraries will be occupied with students poring over their books.

Canteens will once again have the aromas of sought after dishes, long queues, laughter, and students “hanging around” the campus will be firmly back. 

Yes. 2021 has a lot of expectations.

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