70% Of Young Professionals Aim To Upskill Themselves With New-Age Digital Skills: Imarticus Learning’s Survey

● Courses in Finance, Data Science, Analytics, Technology and Management witness maximum interest. ● Full-stack Development, Supply Chain Management, Cybersecurity, and Digital marketing are the most sought-after skills in 2022.


Imarticus Learning, India’s front-running professional education firm, has recently released an internal report on the growing demand for upskilling in young professionals. The report highlights about 70% growth in young professionals aiming to upskill themselves post 2020, indicating the growing need for new-age digital skills.

As per the findings from the internal report, the courses in finance, data science, analytics, technology and management are the top five programs with maximum enrolments. Further, it was also noted that data science, full stack development, Supply Chain Management, Cybersecurity and Digital Marketing remained the most sought skills for young professionals and fresh graduates across various industries.

According to the report, 3 out of 4 learners were able to land a better-paying job with about a 67% salary hike. The holistic learning experience, backed by a complete ecosystem of highly engaging programs, adequate resources and advanced technologies, attracts young professionals to upskill themselves to survive in the post-pandemic era. The report also points out the increasing intent of young professionals and fresh graduates towards upskilling for a better career.

Nikhil Barshikar, Founder & Managing Director, Imarticus Learning said, “ The demand for upskilling is picking up pace in tier 2 cities with more companies hiring talent from beyond metros. It further highlights that fresher and young professionals should constantly upskill themselves to remain job relevant and ready to take on newer responsibilities for efficient career growth. The job market in India is outgrowing traditional job roles and thus upskilling should be embedded in young professionals”

Upskilling young professionals and new graduates with new-age digital skills can act as a catalyst to encourage them within the organization. The essential skills they should acquire are business acumen and various ways of working. Upskilling young professionals can unlock their collaborative and leadership potential.

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