51% Employees Advocate 30-40 Hour Workweek As Gold Standard For Productivity

As per the study, the statistics are a reflection of a growing understanding that quality trumps quantity, and that well-being and efficiency go hand in hand


Buzzworks Business Services, a company in the staffing and recruitment industry, today announced the results of its comprehensive survey aimed at understanding public opinion on the ideal number of work hours conducive to maximising productivity.

The survey, which sparked considerable discussion under the #70hourworkweek debate, asked participants to consider whether the quantity of work hours or overall productivity should be the deciding factor for a balanced work week. With an active participation of the workforce community, the survey closed with significant insights. 

A significant majority, representing 51 per cent of respondents, voiced a clear preference for a more balanced approach to work, advocating for a 30–40-hour workweek as the gold standard for maintaining peak productivity. This is not just a statistic; it’s a reflection of a growing understanding that quality trumps quantity, and that well-being and efficiency go hand in hand.

Exploring further, 34 per cent of respondents maintain their support for the established 40–50-hour schedule. This finding acknowledges the variety in work styles and personal circumstances, reinforcing the idea that a one-size-fits-all approach may not suit everyone in today's diverse job market.

A smaller segment, totaling 16 per cent, showed an inclination towards a workweek extending beyond 50 hours. This suggests that there is still a minority of people who maintain the belief that productivity is directly linked to longer work hours. It indicates the necessity for a more comprehensive evaluation of what genuinely defines effective work practices. 

In a follow up survey on the similar topic, they also tried to gauge the audience preference while searching for a job and the findings revealed a shift in proclivity, indicating that individuals are increasingly prioritising organisations that offer better work-life balance. A good 56 per cent respondents agree to choose a job that offers more meaningful and peaceful work environments than only better compensation and benefits. 

Clearly, the majority view and a clear preference for a more balanced approach to work aligns with emerging research that suggests that well-being and output can be maximised within a more condensed work schedule. This view is also showcased in the trial of a four-day workweek in Britain, touted as the world's largest, revealed that the majority of the 61 participating companies opted to continue with the reduced hours. The study, conducted from June to December 2022, indicated that productivity largely remained consistent or even increased compared to the same period in the previous year.  

The survey also largely indicates that the work hours and productivity are not necessarily interdependent and if the employees are in a healthier work environment, they develop a tendency to perform better. 

Commenting on the findings of the poll, V.C. Karthic, Founder at buzzworks said, “"In today's ever-evolving work landscape, achieving goals and reaching peak productivity is not just about adhering to a fixed formula; it's an individualized and dynamic process. Each person has their unique rhythm and approach, and the ideal number of productive hours can significantly vary from one individual to another. This diversity reflects a changing workforce, one that requires flexibility and adaptation. He added further, “As we seek to navigate these changes, our survey's aim was to delve into these personal preferences, understanding the varying time commitments individuals are willing to make. Recognizing and embracing this diversity is crucial. It's about striking a balance, one that harmonizes individual needs with organizational goals, fostering an environment where both can thrive. In doing so, we are not just enhancing productivity; we are cultivating a culture of well-being and innovation, essential for the sustainable growth of both our employees and the organization.”

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