5 Ways To Decrease Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Distinguishing between pollution and a demon's curse on our earth is hard, and it is our job to control it if not end it. The environmental measure of the total Greenhouse Gas emitted by an organisation, person or product is known as Carbon Footprint. You do not want to see yourself amongst the one with the most number of footprints on this metre. Therefore, you need to act towards it and adopt ways to avoid it.


Here are ways how you can decrease your company's carbon footprint:

1) Power efficient devices: Use efficient power devices which uses less power. Use laptops instead of computers and plug-out your mobile phone chargers when not in use. Put a microwave in the kitchen instead of letting the employees use the company oven.  

2) Using fans instead of air-conditioners: ACs emit Carbon-dioxide gases which plague the environment very badly. Baring the summer, we can ditch the ACs for the fans for a better Carbon Footprint. It will help you save a lot on emissions as well as electricity bills.  

3) Planting Trees: You can make up for a better Carbon Footprint by going green. You should take up the initiative of planting trees in and around the place of your operation and also the city where you operate. Set up a vegetable plantation or a garden to make your surrounding beautiful as well as to keep your environment clean.

4) Video-conferencing instead of travelling: Travelling also leaves a very bad Carbon Footprint for an organisation. You can ditch your travel plans and settle for video-conferences unless and until it is that important. 

5) Work from home: This saves time and also makes you cut off the pollution that might happen when you travel to work from your home. You can either travel by public transport or opt to stay at home and work. 

Thus, these are some of the ways which will help you to reduce the emissions and make the Carbon Footprint of your organisation better.    

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