3rd PRISM 2023 International Conference Addresses B-School Challenges

The conference hosted several industry stalwarts including SY Siddiqui, Ex CHRO, Maruti Suzuki; Manu Wadhwa, CHRO, Sony Pictures Networks; Pavitra Singh, CHRO, Pepsico, India; Suresh Tripathi, CHRO, Air India and many more


Birla Institute of Management Technology successfully hosted the '3rd PRISM 2023 International Conference'. The theme of the conference was "Reimagining the Future of Business: The Challenges of Leadership, Digitalization, and Sustainability." Dr Pritam Singh Memorial (PRISM) Conference 2023 revolved around the agenda of learning and development of young graduates. 

The conference was organised by Dr Pritam Singh Foundation. The foundation was founded to take forward the legacy and life lessons of Dr. Pritam Singh. The trustees include P Dwarakanath (Former Chairman, GSK), S Y Siddiqui (Executive Advisor, Maruti Suzuki), H Chaturvedi (Director, BIMTECH), Asha Bhandarker (Prof, IMI-Delhi) and B A Metri (Director, IIM Nagpur).

On its inaugural day, the conference kicked off with a lineup of sessions, starting with a corporate panel featuring industry stalwarts. Guided by the seasoned moderation of SY Siddiqui, Ex CHRO at Maruti Suzuki, the panel boasted a stellar cast: Manu Wadhwa, CHRO-Sony Pictures Networks; Chitbhanu Nagri, Senior Vice President, People Operations at Razorpay; Samir Prakash, CHRO - Corporate Services, Adani Enterprises; Rajita Singh, Chief People Officer, Kyndryl and Pavitra Singh, CHRO, Pepsico, India.

Speaking exclusively with BW People, Manu Wadhwa, CHRO, Sony Pictures Networks said, “A discernible transformation exists in the profiles of professionals entering the workforce today as compared to those from a decade ago. One such significant distinction is the contemporary professional's dual focus on both life and career goals. Secondly, there is an increasing emphasis on technological proficiency, which requires individuals to maintain a proactive stance in terms of technological and digital literacy. Lastly, there is a heightened sense of self-awareness among the current generation of practitioners, presenting a departure from the past where individuals often tailored their personas to conform to societal expectations.”

“The key business expectation is how academia will impart these skills, whether it’s in niche technology or the fundamentals of business. Students are expected to understand the current nuances of business. There is also a greater focus on the reinforcement of foundational skills, as students are expected to know the fundamentals of business and how well they understand them. This has resulted in a more conscious approach to education and understanding in the professional world,” shared Chitbhanu Nagri, SVP, People Operations at Razorpay.

Another panel included HR experts such as Abhishek Tiwary, Global Head, Tech Mahindra; Sanjay Lakhotia, Co-founder and CEO, Noble House Consulting; Suresh Tripathi, CHRO, Air India; Vipul Singh, SVP & Head of Human Resources, ADP; moderated by Nishchae Suri, Managing Director, Cornerstone. 

“In today's rapidly evolving industry, the expectations of B-School graduates have changed. The industry demands agility, requiring graduates to swiftly adapt to changing agendas and align themselves with contemporary business needs. Industry leaders seek graduates who can contribute meaningfully from day one, necessitating a curriculum that aligns with current industry requirements. B-Schools play a pivotal role in shaping the future workforce. By integrating diversity, sustainability, and industry-relevant curricula, they can empower graduates to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape successfully,” Suresh Tripathi, CHRO, Air India told BW People. 

“Tech schools and B-Schools have made HR streams more accessible and available by providing opportunities for students. However, the industry demands new skills, and schools need to upgrade the quality of education and faculty skills. While some schools are doing well, others are far behind,” highlighted Vipul Singh, SVP & HR Head, ADP. 

PRISM Leadership awards were conferred by K S Bakshi, Group Head HR, Interglobe Enterprises. 'Dr. Pritam Singh Transformational Leader Award 2023' was conferred on Santrupt Misra, CEO Aditya Birla Group and 'Dr. Pritam Singh Lifetime Leadership Achievement Award 2023' was conferred on Anil Khandelwal Former CMD, Bank of Baroda. 

The ceremony concluded with the Dr. Pritam Singh Award Ceremony and Valedictory Function, which featured distinguished personalities such as Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman of the National Educational Technology Forum; D P Singh, Education Advisor to the Chief Minister of the UP Government; P Dwarkanath, President of PRISM; Bhimaraya Metri, Director, IIM Nagpur; C Rajkumar, Founding Vice-Chancellor of OP Jindal Global University, Haryana; and H Chaturvedi, Director of BIMTECH.


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