"Scope Of HR Will Continue To Evolve"

Young HR professionals would be expected to bring best practices from industries across into renewables and bridge the skill gap required in the industry.


Can you share a brief overview of your career journey in the field of HR, highlighting key milestones and achievements that led to your recognition?

My journey has been challenging and promising across industries including Manufacturing, Engineering, Consumer goods, Railroad & Renewable sectors. Working with industry leading Companies I was able to contribute to footprint expansion in Eastern part of India for Titan, establishing the Global Finance Shared Service for Alstom. My experience in Vestas has given me the opportunity to unleash my Leadership capabilities. Milestones include green field factory setup, ramp up of Global Engineering Center, and drive Offshore Construction readiness for HR across Asia Pacific.

What innovative HR practices or strategies have you implemented in your organisation/ career that you believe contributed to your success?

Innovation at workplace has been an important agenda in the changing business environment. Titan Shield was one of the initiative introduced in Titan to attract talents in the field of Optometry. The initiative gave leverage to attract talents across Eastern part of India eventually making it a strong talent pipeline. Making Vestas a better place to work, the Leader-Leader model was implemented in the Manufacturing site. It has brought significant improvements in the productivity, safety and engagement across Teams. Key contributions in framing of policies and practices has helped Vestas become ‘Great Place to Work’. 

Did you face any challenges in the formative years of your career and how did you overcome them?  What valuable lessons have you learned along the way that you think could benefit others in the HR community?

Challenges form an integral part of the learning experience. I have looked at every failed step as an opportunity to learn. Trusting my leaders and having transparent conversations has helped me to overcome challenges. Being transparent, reflecting on lessons learnt, considering multiple perspectives, understanding international cultures & delivering what is agreed or committed are the most important tools to build self-credibility within teams and in the organisation.

Looking ahead, how do you see the future of HR evolving and what role do you envision young professionals playing in shaping the industry?

The scope of HR will continue to evolve and be dependent on how HR brings value to the organization. The renewable industry is in an important stage and forecast shows that this will grow in multiple folds across India and the globe. It will be important for HR professionals to understand the complexity in the business, coaching leaders and creating a memorable people experience. 

Young HR professionals would be expected to bring best practices from industries across into renewables and bridge the skill gap required in the industry. This also brings the challenge of how they can influence the curriculum in universities to build talents for future. 

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