“Promoting Health-Life Balance”

Hanish Dewan, CHRO, Eduvanz Financing says people drive organisations, and deserve an enabling and healthy work atmosphere


How did you successfully accomplished the task of managing an entire organisation during the Covid crisis?

By staying calm. A crisis that impacts the entire organisation cannot be managed like a task. It always has to be the people – their reactions that need to be sorted in order to end a crisis. The best way to do that was to communicate effectively and transparently with our workforce on the nature, repercussions of the crisis to them and our expectations to resolve this together. We adjusted work arrangements, implemented new safety protocols and held brainstorming forums to find new ways to continue functioning. As the employees were an active part of these conversations and measures there was more buyin, minimal internal conflicts and we found our crisis management volunteers. Our most successful accomplishment was the robust crisis management team that arose from our volunteers.  

As a people person, what are the goals you strive to achieve in an organisation?

While business is transient, it is still managed by living breathing people. You want your team to feel like they don’t just belong but are the very lifeline of the organisation. Hence my prerogative is to drive positivity, transparent and equitable opportunities and a work culture that promotes ‘health-life balance’. Where we combine discipline and automation to ensure our people aren’t just doing their best – they’re doing their best in a stress-free environment. Another goal that’s a must for me is ensuring we bring the ‘right man for the right job’.  

Having won this award, whom do you want to dedicate your learnings to?

To be an exceptional leader, you must have exceptional people around you and I am grateful for the many I have known. So many wonderful peers, mentors and colleagues have moulded my cast. Watching my leaders in action has taught me how to take calculated risks and follow through to emerge out of uncertainty. Coaching my HR team to redefine their best has enhanced my own leadership. The amazing Eduvanz workforce is dynamic, diverse and a force to reckon with. Collaborating and working with them; learning from the experienced and mentoring those just beginning their careers has made me a formidable mentor. Add to this my family, my rock of constant support, joy and calm who ensure I can overcome every challenge with ease.  

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