“Multidisciplinary Subjects Converge Here”

Sheeba Tyagi, Vice President – Transformation, Inclusion & Diversity, SmartWorld Developers, on how a diverse range of skills are called forth in human resources


“I wish to elevate the HR brand as a change management expert, that can build strong and progressive business leaders for the future. HR has a critical role to play in influencing the young generation to inculcate personal values and find alignment with the larger socio-economic cause,” says Sheeba Tyagi, Vice President – Transformation, Inclusion & Diversity, SmartWorld Developers. 

Gung-ho about HR and why she went for this domain, she says, “HR in my view is a field where multi-disciplinary subjects converge such as sociology, psychology, sales, marketing and everything to do with numbers and data, creating a unique synergy and environment to practice a wide array of skill sets and influence the structures and people for desired sustainable change.”

Talking about how HR professionals should themselves view their role, she says, “HR is the nervous system of the organisation that ensures sustained business growth through a network of human connections. It is the anchor to build equitable, fair and diverse organisation DNA and is integral to build and grow the talent pool aligned to organization vision.”

Myriad initiatives

She has been able to transform the organisations she has worked with through varied the HR practices such as:

  • Technology enablement and process streamlining,
  • Coaching several leaders to discover their purpose and empowered them to lead teams with a difference,
  • Building diversity and inclusivity by enabling leaders to successfully lead global projects & navigated diverse cultural perspectives while also
  • Executing turn-key projects to enable a resilient and agile culture.

“All this has allowed me to build and inspire positive work culture through initiatives to create a rewarding environment, where people feel belonged and cared for,” she informs.

She and her teams have been part of several path-breaking initiatives, like

  • Successfully working across geographies and nationalities while integrating diverse perspectives to align with common vision through D&I initiatives spread across communities of women, LGBTQ, veterans and moms after maternity breaks etc.
  • Building cultural sensitivity and integrate diverse industry and business by developing understanding of the impact that various enablers and derailers have on business while customizing HR solutions to build processes that drive business outcomes.
  • Community engagement and enhancement to create awareness and being a means to enable social change. 
  • Helping the young generation workforce to grow into holistic and strong value professionals for sustainable generational impact. 
  • Working with young students to help them build stronger character, work ethic and streamline their worldview.

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