In 2023, Indian Workers Demand More Flexibility And Control Over Their Work-Life: ADP Survey

· 76.38% of employees in India would look for a new job if asked to return to work full time · Over 70% also feel they are being noticed and valued, even while working from home


Workers are demanding more flexibility in their working lives, and they are prepared to make compromises to get it, according to the ADP® Research Institute’s People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View. The survey of almost 33,000 workers across 17 countries reveals that more than 7 in 10 (71%) are seeking more flexibility in how they structure their working time, including compressing hours into fewer, longer days.

In India, 76.07% of employees would prefer having control over their working hours and said that they would take a pay cut to guarantee the flexibility of working remotely, or have the opportunity to alternate between home and office.

Those working from home are also increasingly having more conversations with their employers about career progression. Almost 7 out of 10 employees (73%) feel that even while working from home they are being noticed and appropriately valued with 74% have also reported that employers are open to having conversations about upskilling and training requirements.

When it comes to mental health at work, 56% of employees say they feel supported by their managers even while working from home.\
Rahul Goyal, MD, South East Asia & India, ADP, says “Currently, there is a need for innovative alternative options to the traditional nine-to-five to keep employees satisfied at work. Offering more flexibility and control over employees’ work-life is worth considering as they have endured immense pressure during the pandemic and have proved to be important assets through their continuous performance.”

“Employers may need to rebalance their efforts, so that those who are making the journey into work every day feel just as appreciated and nurtured, with as much thought being given to their career progression, mental health, and other issues, as those working in their own homes.”

“Not long ago, ideas such as the introduction of a flextime system and the possibility of reorganizing employee working hours to four days would have been laughed at. But currently, they are worth serious consideration to retain and attract the best talent.”

Introducing HR management tools and platforms that allow visibility on human capital management data could facilitate decision-making, build a more connected internal culture and enhance trust and loyalty between employers and staff.


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