'HR Is About Making Things Simpler, Technology Ensures That'

During the contemporary time, hiring is quite vast and expensive but with the aid of technology, it makes the process of employment easier and faster, HR leaders discuss


Leaders from different walks of life with a similar passion gathered together at a common platform to share their insight on how technology is helping HR Managers to device innovative acquisition strategies. All of them shared a new HR initiative that they handle which is powered by technology.

Taking the lead from the moderator, Swaminathan R, Chief People Officer, WNS Global Service, Adhir Mane, CHRO, Raymond shared, “We are on a transformation journey. Hence, hiring is quite vast. The amount of investing that goes into hiring is a lot. If we don’t give importance to this now, then sooner or later it will be the organization that will get hurt. We are currently looking for people in the passive market, not active.”

Followed by Ketan Dewan, Co-founder and CEO, Talocity who said, “HR is just about doing simple things which the technology is allowing in a better way now. Let’s adopt technology and embrace it.”

Being the only woman among the speakers, Padmaja Alaganandan, CHRO, PWC said, “Talent exchange is a platform where people come on-board and they are available to us when we need them. Many people don’t want to be full-time employees so this is useful for them. Technology helps in ensuring the hiring process is fair and transparent."

“We don’t meet these candidates but cloud helps us filter, recruit and retain the talent. They are retained via special interfaces. 93 per cent of the coaches in our organization are women from about 50 cities who are currently working from home,” said Jasmeet Singh Gandhi, CBO, GOQii at HR Talent Acquisition Summit hosted by BW People.

Rohit Vohra, Director, Talent Acquisition, IBM India speaking about his technology friend said, “IBM Watson is only a job enabler and not here to take away jobs. It enables the organization to filter the candidates and save time.”

Pankaj Khanna, VP-Talent Acquisition, Mindtree said, “A lot of time was wasted in this process usually. But now with the help of technology, we make sure candidates know that we know about them and are interested in them the same way they are interested in us.”

Speaking about the way he has inclined towards technology, Jaideep Chavan, VP and Head of Talent Acquisition, Capgemini India said, “There are lots of similarities between HR and Delivery. ATS is a given. We have a cloud based one. We’ve created certain bots that work on specific analytics through a large database. This saves a lot of our time as they find a perfect match for us whenever we have a requirement.”

The end remarks were highlighted by Pradeep Panikar, Head – Sales, Teamlease, stating “Hiring has changed in the present days. Without technology enabling this, it would be difficult. We thought hiring and retaining talent is increasing productivity. Hence, we created an app to be connected with the HR for more than one reason. Through this the employee could know everything they wanted to know including salary dates, leaves taken/available and lot more.”

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