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CoWrks Opens Two Centers in Gurgaon

With this launch, CoWrks now has 9 centres spread over 1 million sq. ft. in area, making it the largest coworking space provider in the country.

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Godrej's anti-harassment policies are gender neutral: Parmesh Shahani

They really understood what a struggle it must be for LGBT people in India and promised me that if their children came out as LGBT, they would completely support them.

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Workplace Experience: The holistic Definition Of Workplace Culture In An Organisation

Workplace Experience in simple terms is the sum total of all experiences an employee goes through in an organisation.

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Workplace Experience Ranking 2017: An initiative To Showcase Indian Startups With Best Workplace Experience

When asked several startup founders about their biggest challenge, majority founders unanimously said, ‘attracting & retaining top talent’ for their startups, is by far the biggest challenge they face nowadays

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Managing "Diversity in the work place"

As the wave of globalization sweeps across organizations, there is convergence of workforce from diverse countries, cultures, values, age and gender compelling organizations to change not only their policies and practices but also their core framework and culture in order to create conducive environ

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