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"I'm a Leader Who Happens To Be a Woman"

Today, 30 per cent of our workforce are women, 50 per cent of our new hire are women and they get promoted into next assignments at the same progression as men.

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HCL Technologies Hosts Ascend Leadership Summit

Internal diversity and development programme to felicitate women leaders

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One Out Of Every Four Leader Hired In India Is A Woman

The report acknowledges the gender gap among corporates globally and has observed a significant improvement since 2008

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Wooing Women Talent, Companies trying hard to build leadership pipeline

Women are underrepresented at every level of corporate pipeline, says PWC report

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The Unstoppable Raj: She bats,She leads

'In addition, I believe one should not be bossy. Leading is often confused with dominance. Consider opinions of people in your team, hearing out everybody boosts the morale of the team,' said Mithali Raj, captain of Indian Women's Cricket Team.

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