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We Are At The Brink Of A Cultural Revolution Once Again: Capgemini

As the world is moving towards a repeat of the cultural revolution, each of us will have extra hours to indulge ourselves in creativity. So, do not neglect to take out sometime to build those creative skills: Capgemini COO

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Panasonic Announces Higher Education Scholarship To IITians

Panasonic India announced the winners RattiChhatr Scholarship Program, which aims at providing tuition scholarships to talented undergraduate students enabling them to purse higher education

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92% Leaders Believe That ‘Workplace Culture Has A High Impact On A Company’s Financial Performance’

The theme of this year’s roundtable discussion was: Driving Engagement through Organisational Culture: How to Transform Attitudes and Actions to Create Successful Workplace Cultures

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The Unstoppable Raj: She bats,She leads

'In addition, I believe one should not be bossy. Leading is often confused with dominance. Consider opinions of people in your team, hearing out everybody boosts the morale of the team,' said Mithali Raj, captain of Indian Women's Cricket Team.

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Leaders Define Culture

We as humans, are born with the innate tendency to mimic or imitate. From the time humans are born, they learn to mimic those around them. That is how babies learn the language which is spoken in the environment in which they are brought up in the early years. It is common knowledge that in early ye

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