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Cos struggle to fill talent gap in event of women employees maternity continuum

The biggest concern most managers (95 per cent) have that if an employee announces her pregnancy then how to build an alternate resource equivalent in talent to fill in for her unanticipated temporary absence,

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Amway India Wins Three awards At ‘Asia-Pacific HRM Congress Awards 2017’

The categories included ‘Best HR Practices in Quality of Work Life’, ‘Managing Health Work’ and ‘Best CSR Practice’

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The swelling role of training employees

Companies will see higher interest in what is being learnt and employees will do so with a certain objective they want to get as a result of their engagement.

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The Key to Success: Mindful Leadership in the dynamic IT industry

Today, the IT industry is transforming from a facilitator of services into a digital bastion of products which add substantial value to the society.

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