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Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Sets New Benchmark As Women-centric Workplace

The company aims to recruit up to 300 women employees in the next five years; and women employees are expected to make up a third of its workforce in the next five years

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Consulting Services Top Hiring Sector; Talent Demand Slows Down

Overall, hiring dropped during August 2017. Key employment sectors and functional areas contributed to the decline in hiring

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Leaders Should Be Open To Employee Ideas, Else They Create A Psychologically Unsafe Workplace: BI WORLDWIDE

Dr. Brad Shuck, Strategic & Academic partner, BI WORLDWIDE who is coming to India to speak at the ‘6th SHRM India Annual Conference & Exposition’ on 14-15 Sept 2017 in New Delhi will be discussing about “All in to Win: Elevate your Employee value proposition” talked to BW Businessworld about HR indu

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Is ‘Firing’ a necessary skill?

With the growth in workforce and high demand for talent we introduced Talent Acquisition as a specialization in HR. With increased volatility and economic fluctuations, do organisations need to have specialized teams for Talent Separation?

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Hiring sites should be like dating websites or matrimonial portals

Meet the chief human resource officer of world’s largest human resource (HR) managers’ lobby. He is Jeff Pon, chief human resource and strategy officer of United States based association, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). In a casual chat with Himani Chandna of BW People, Pon said with D

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