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Circular business growth models could spell gains of up to $697bn in India

NITI Aayog CEO, Mr. Amitabh Kant, has underlined the need to embed the principles of circular economy in India’s school education system. India needs to grow at about 10% annually for the next three decades to be able to meet the ever-rising demand of its burgeoning population.

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Nearly 40% Future Jobs In India Will Demand Different Skill Sets

The internet and exponential technologies are creating new employment opportunities in the areas of ‘white-collar’ working

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India To Have 20 crore Unemployed People By 2025, Says Pai

Mohan Das Pai, Chairman, FICCI Skill Development Committee said that we need to prepare for skills that will last 40 years. The change in technology in the last 15 years has been greater than the previous 50 years

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Hiring outlook for the manufacturing sector remains subdued: FICCI Manufacturing Survey

FICCI Survey suggests that the percentage of respondents reporting lower production has reduced considerably over the previous quarter thereby indicating a more positive outlook in months to come.

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Industry lobby Ficci says tax collection at source under GST would have slowed job creation

Nurturing the E-commerce sector, FICCI welcomes the policy announcement of tax collection at source under GST.

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