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Rewriting the rules for hiring great leaders

While scouting for talent, we always put the lense of K Values at the core to assess leaders who will be a natural fit to our culture.

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Job Market is Dull But May Revive Soon

The Low Growth In the Manufacturing Sector Coupled With The Decline In Growth of Services Sector From 9.7 percent In Financial year 16 To 7.7 percent In financial year 17 is the Reasons Why Job Market is Dull.

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Essar announces appointment of Kaustubh Sonalkar as President–HR And CEO: Essar Foundation

With more than 20 years of experience, Kaustubh brings to the table a rich and vast experience of having worked in multiple sectors and geographies, with renowned companies. This is his second stint with Essar--he was affiliated with Essar Energy for many years. Prior to this stint at Essar, he was

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Tips for women Microprenuers

In small businesses, cash flow is a major challenge. One should focus on liquid assets and it’s good to take an amount aside as salary or savings for rainy days.

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