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Jobs Are Likely To Grow Till FY18: Report

Hiring outlook is expected to improve incrementally over the next six months, largely driven by increase in government spending and stable hiring growth

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Indian Job Market May Witness Positive Hiring In Third Quarter

India's job market has had a few rough quarters as hiring activity has slumped and there have been reports of layoffs by major IT companies at the start of the year. However, job seekers can expect better opportunities in the coming months

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Hiring Outlook Rebounds Across Sectors; Services Industry Tops The Chart

The survey conducted on 5,005 employers indicates hiring outlook has rebounded slightly from the prior quarter. Once the data is adjusted to allow for seasonal variation, employers report an Outlook of +19 percent

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'HR Is About Making Things Simpler, Technology Ensures That'

During the contemporary time, hiring is quite vast and expensive but with the aid of technology, it makes the process of employment easier and faster, HR leaders discuss

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‘Marketing Changes Faster Than Lady Gaga’s Outfits’

With plenty of talent available, there is a dire need to employ the right one and subsequently, the need of marketing the brand effectively. Top CEOs and marketers share their insight about acquiring and retaining customers as well as employees

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