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It Is Important For HR To Retain Talented Employees Than Hiring

Leaders should be encouraged to look at their value proposition and should think about policies that would attract the kind of talent they would like to have working at their organization

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Our Key Focus Is To Reward Employees' Efforts; Not Just Their Success: InterGlobe Enterprises

InterGlobe has recently been awarded as the Best employer by Aon Hewitt and ranks 17th in the top 25 Best Workplace. Harish K. Gandhi, Group Head HR, InterGlobe Enterprises talks about company's HR policies and employee engagement programs. (Edited Excerpts)

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We Have Seen An Increase In Our Number Of Employee Engagement: World Bank

The World Bank has made significant strides to improve the flexible working toolkit to make sure 16,000 employees know the options available

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When The Chips Are Down, Focus More On Your Existing Employees: VP HR, World Bank

How one can make bold and transformational leadership commitments to move towards a future that redefines one’s relationship with collaborative winning? In an email interview with BW Businessworld, Sean McGrath, HR Vice-President - The World Bank, talks about talent management skills and how to keep

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Leaders Should Be Open To Employee Ideas, Else They Create A Psychologically Unsafe Workplace: BI WORLDWIDE

Dr. Brad Shuck, Strategic & Academic partner, BI WORLDWIDE who is coming to India to speak at the ‘6th SHRM India Annual Conference & Exposition’ on 14-15 Sept 2017 in New Delhi will be discussing about “All in to Win: Elevate your Employee value proposition” talked to BW Businessworld about HR indu

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Employee Engagement - Beyond fun & games

A Hay Group study indicates that a highly engaged employee is 87% less likely to leave your company than a disengaged employee. So, while it is clear as to ‘why’ employees need to be engaged, in this piece let’s focus on ‘how’ to effectively engage them.

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