Article on November 03, 2017

Maternity Leave: A Potential Financial Liability To Employers?

Employers need to bear the complete cost of compliance and providing childcare support to its employees, which was not addressed in the Maternity Benefit Act before

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No Jobs In India: Jobs Growth Not In Accordance With GDP Growth

The number of employees have increased to 3.92 million in FY-17 from 3.85 million in FY-13, managing a growth of about 1%, while the GDP growth has been around 7%

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Banking Sector Gave Maximum Employment In FY17

Sectoral division of employment suggests that banks were seen to employ highest number of employees in FY17, roughly around 21 percent

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Women In Workplace Will Take 217 Years To Close Down On Gender Diversity

Gender diversity in the workplace is still quite significant across the world. With the current rate of change, women in the jobs will take 217 years to be at par with men

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