Surabhi Mittal

Vice President HR, LANXESS

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Redefining HR Operations in the Digital Age

Digital has been a driving force of change across industries; and the transformation is accelerating. One can measure the pace of digital disruption in months while it takes years for an organization and its people to fully embrace such fundamental changes in the way they operate.

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AI, Robotics Shaping Future of Workforce

In a gig economy, businesses save resources in terms of benefits, office space and training

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Managing "Diversity in the work place"

As the wave of globalization sweeps across organizations, there is convergence of workforce from diverse countries, cultures, values, age and gender compelling organizations to change not only their policies and practices but also their core framework and culture in order to create conducive environment for all. More and more organizations are concentrating their efforts towards Diversity, not because it is a “fad” or a “buzzword”, but because it is the need of the day.Workplace diversity can foster agility, adaptability, sustainability, creativity and innovation which are a must in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world for organizations to succeed and remain viable.

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