Rajeev Bhardwaj

The author is the Vice- President, HR of Sun Life Financial Asia Service Center.

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Soft Skills Critical To Career Growth

What Organizations Seek in Employees besides Talent & Technical Skills

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Employee Wellness Takes Center Stage As Organizations Vie For Talent

The need for better employee engagement has resulted in a growing number of organizations crafting dedicated wellness programs for their workers

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Talent Acquisition and Retention

As a recruiter, one must learn to be generous and to be genuinely interested in other people. Start a negotiation by building on common ground. Even when you have to reject a candidate, explain things in a manner that the other person is able to understand and agree.

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Top HR trends of 2018

Employees are clearly showing a new kind of aspiration since they receive better education and training and also because they are brought up in different environment these days.

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The Case For Paternity Leave: Why It Is Important To Make Organizations Family-Friendly

More and more organizations world over have recognized this aspect and revised their parental leave policies to put a greater stress on paternity leaves

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