Pratap Nambiar

Pratap Nambiar is the founder and chairman of Singapore based Thought Perfect Pte Ltd, an organization that helps CEOs transform themselves to become more effective leaders.

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Work As A Pilgrimage Of Identity

Social scientist Karl Deutsch observed it as “the ability to afford not to learn”. The greatest challenge that young managers face is that as they grow and become leaders, their power and authority increase and with it begins the depreciation of their intellectual capital

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Opinion: Growing the Leadership Mind is integral to Organizational Success

"In today’s volatile and uncertain world filled with ambiguity, it becomes necessary to reconcile polarities, which requires a shift from seeing choices as either-or and embracing a third way that reconciles both perspectives creatively"

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Spiritual Maturity: An Essential Ingredient for Effective Leadership

Spiritual maturity in the context of business leaders has much to do with selflessness, compassion, and mindfulness, all of which integrate into a way of leading that is designed to bring the best out of the team.

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