Pallavi Jha

The author is MD & Chairperson of Dale Carnegie of India.

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5 Benefits Of Introducing Tech In HR

There’s no human match to the finesse and accuracy of the technical tasks that machines can undertake

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Importance Of Nurturing Leadership Skills To Work In The Dynamic Sector Of Financial Services

For professionals working in the BFSI sector, there is always an imminent fear of losing jobs to automation and machines

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Powerful People Skills Build Strong And Authentic Relationships

Ask any small or large organization about what they are looking for in a new hire, they’d most probably state people skills high up in the list of soft skills that they prioritize. What makes people skills so desirable?

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Importance Of Reskilling & Upskilling

The recent trends will result in the redesign of almost every job, as well as new perspectives on workforce planning and the nature of work

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10 Leadership Qualities for Young Professionals to Aspire Towards

Keeping your confidence will assure your team that obstacles are natural, and their focus should still be on the greater goal.

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