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Nitin Seth

Nitin Seth is an industry leader with a unique combination of experiences as a Global Manager, Entrepreneur, and Management Consultant. He is passionate about building and transforming businesses, driving innovation, coaching, and building high-performance teams. Nitin is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Incedo Inc., a high-growth technology services firm focused on Digital, Data, and Analytics. Nitin is also the author of 'Winning in the Digital Age: Seven Building Blocks of Successful Digital Transformation' - The practical handbook for understanding and winning in the post-COVID digital age and becoming a 21st-century leader.

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An Unprecedented Opportunity for Young Professionals

"In a VUCA world, it is critical to focus on those skills that are enduring and do not change. Skills that are not replaced with changes in technology, that can apply across industries and roles, and in life"

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