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The author is an Intern with BW Businessworld

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Eventually, It Has Become Easy To Connect Virtually But It Is Challenging To Be Engaged

Work from home has provided opportunity and time for employees to upskill themselves but at same time because of digital platforms there is a difficulty in building engagement.

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Time Is The Biggest Challenge For Us

While certainly there are challenges like engagement among mentors and mentees or the lack of attention span with digital mentoring but at the same time connectivity has also increased and learning has been democratic.

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One of the Main functions of L&D Is To Drive Cultural Transformation and Change: Experts

This pandemic has highlighted the importance of learning and development. Multigenerational workforce has opened a window of upskilling and there is a boom in L&D across industries

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Navigating Through Effective Work from Home Regime

Despite how sweet remote working may seem, it still carries its own set of challenges.

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