Joel Paul

Director of Operations, RiseSmart – India

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5 ways to make a successful career transition

The key to a rewarding career is finding something you are passionate about, and making it work. Before you can pivot, you need to ask yourself, what are you passionate about and how you can combine it with your strengths to find the right field for you

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How To Handle Layoffs

Managers and business leaders need to understand their role during an Impact

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Brand Guide Mantra For Organisations Planning To Downsize

Cognizant is considering job cuts to slash costs after the US-listed IT company forecast the worst annual growth in its history, most of which will be mid-level jobs

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7 Ways To Ensure Fairness & Transparency During Layoffs

Experts believe that if the entire process of downsizing is handled transparently and when best practices are employed, impacted staff don’t harbor ill feelings towards their past employer and remaining employees return to productivity faster.

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3 simple ways to motivate employees after layoffs

Corporate restructuring and layoffs are an unfortunate but inevitable part of today's business ecosystem. Keeping your remaining employees engaged, motivated and productive after a restructuring requires managers to be proactive, honest and consistent.

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The Role of HR in Protecting The Employer Brand

The first step towards establishing and maintaining a positive and healthy workplace culture is creating positive experiences at every stage of an employee’s interaction with the organization.This article is authored by Joel Paul - Director of Operations -India, RiseSmart.

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