Dr. Farah Naqvi

Dr. Farah Naqvi is an academician, writer and behavioral scientist with more than a decade of experience with academic, training & consulting institutions located in India and Kuwait.

Latest Articles By Dr. Farah Naqvi


Asking Questions For Unlocking Learning, Interpersonal Bonding And Societal Growth

Choosing not to ask questions can be a personal choice but what about stopping or labelling anyone asking questions which is contrary to the programmed information being played repetitively.

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Anecdotal Reflection On The Art Of Sculpting Oneself Through ‘Adaptability’

Our thoughts and ideas that come in our consciousness, influenced by what we see, hear, learn and unlearn in the process of experiencing life, exert its impact on the ‘form’ we are able to conceive and pursue. Defining a ‘form’ for the self may bring a sense of security, but life, unlike the stone, is fluid, dynamic and uncertain

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